Let the Madness Begin

Welcome welcome! First blog posts are always a little awkward to write. What am I supposed to say? Should it just be a regular post, with no sort of introduction? Should it be entirely introduction? Who can answer my questions? I sure can't. So I'm just gonna write whatever and call it good.

I've tried blogging on several occasions in the past, and each time I'll start off strong, thinking I'm really going to become some blogging machine, only to drop off within a month. I don't exactly know what causes my sudden lack of interested, really. Maybe it's because I always try to theme my blogs so that everything is focused around some sort of general topic. I'd love to build a community of people who like the same things as me so we can discuss new topics and whatnot, but limiting myself just seems to destroy my motivation.

So this time, there are no limits! I'm letting myself write about whatever I want, whenever I want. No schedule for posting, no topic restrictions. Just me and my thoughts.

You've been warned.