This Week's Favs: August 25

This week was jam packed with work stuff, so by the time I got home, there wasn't a whole lot I did besides veg around. That being said, I still had plenty of constants that popped up throughout the week, as well as a couple new things I'm definitely loving. Enjoy!


My Hero Academia

To be honest, I'm surprised it's taken this long for me to recommend this. My Hero Academia is one of those animes where I don't really see people saying bad things about it. Everyone who watches it seems to love it. Which isn't surprising. It's funny and impressive, but also gives a surprising depth to all of its characters that sometimes lacks in other shows (especially superhero-themed ones). The main character, Midoriya "Deku" Izuku, is smart but still makes enough mistakes to be relatable, while other characters' strengths and weaknesses are highlighted in a way that makes them feel real instead of just pawns in Deku's story. Overall, it's a show I definitely recommend. Season one is available subbed and dubbed on Hulu, while season two is being released as it airs in subbed form.

"Rise and Shine" - Overwatch Animated Short

Finally, the new season of Overwatch animated shorts has begun! While "Dragons" is still by far my favorite, "Rise and Shine" was a great way to start the new season, giving us a more in-depth look at Mei's backstory. Aside from being an emotional rollercoaster, this short shows just how much research the Overwatch team can put into their creations. Showing Mei leaving hot drinks for the dead crew members is an integral part of Chinese culture, one that many Chinese fans immediately connected with. In a Facebook group I'm a part of, some people said the offering was actually what made them tear up the most. Overall, a great addition to Blizzard's video collection.


Red Flavor - Red Velvet

If you're looking for a fun, summer hit that will get stuck in your head for days on end, then look no further. Though Red Flavor was released in July, it's always popping back up in my mind. If you want to just take a minute and dance, or are about to hit the road for one final summer road trip, add this one to the mix.

The Maid on the Shore - Hadrian's Wall

I saw Hadrian's Wall the first time probably a dozen years ago, but they really left a good impression on me. I bought their CD and have been jamming out ever since. They're an Irish rock group, but slightly more on the traditional side than, say, the Dropkick Murpheys. They've got a lot of cool songs, both fast and slow, but one of my personal favorites is The Maid on the Shore. It starts out calm at the beginning, but gets plenty intense toward the end. Give it a listen.



I downloaded this when I was looking for something new to play and I immediately got hooked. I completed the first two worlds (stages?) when I first opened the game and, ever since, it's been impossible to close out unless I've completed at least three levels. Sometimes, that's pretty quick, but there are a few tricky ones sprinkled in when you least expect it, which definitely keeps you on your toes. A great puzzle game to pass the time.

Slime Rancher

This cute sci-fi style simulation game, which means it's exactly the kind of game that will suck me in for hours without me even noticing. Collecting and taking care of slimes, all while trying not to get lost or die from being attacked by angry, hungry wild slimes can really pass the hours without you even noticing. If you're looking for something casual to play and have plenty of time to spare, this is definitely something to check out.