This Week's Favs: August 4

I decided that, if there's one thing I could for sure post regularly, it's a list of some of my favorite things. That's not hard to compile, especially because it takes basically zero research on my part. So, here's the first every favorites list. I'm going to call them "This Week's Favs".

Let me know what you think of my pics in the comments. Or don't. It's your life, do what you want!


Ouran High School Host Club

Ready for a ridiculous anime? Because OH BOY DO I HAVE ONE FOR YOU! Ouran High School Host Club has been on my to watch list for longer than I care to admit, always getting bumped down by new or more exciting things I find or stumble into. This weekend, though, I decided to start it up. Once I hit play, I was hooked. Now, if you're not usually into the silly romcom-y animes that lean heavily on tropes, then the first couple episodes might make you want to turn this show off. It's what made my boyfriend turn it off when he first tried watching it. But as the series continues, you learn more about each character and grow attached to them and their storylines. Each member of the host club is not only given a backstory, but is also given emotions and flaws and vulnerabilities that make them more and more loveable. This show is definitely at the top of a lot of people's lists for a reason.

In a Heartbeat

This is the cutest video ever. Hands down. No competition. To be honest, I hadn't even heard about it until this week, but supposedly the short was so popular that, when it was finally uploaded to YouTube, it gained millions of views within just a day or so. Since it's upload, it's been featured on places like the Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, and The Washington Post.

Journey to the Moon (Overwatch) - Bazza Gazza

If you aren't familiar with the notorious Overwatch meme squad, then you need to spend more time on YouTube. Bazza Gazza's latest update shows him and Muselk basically running around Quick Play matches on Overwatch, killing their enemies and then launching them into the stratosphere with Mei's ice walls. If you're a fan of people having fun and being not-so-competitive while playing Overwatch, then this is the video for you.


the.the.the - Longguo & Shihyun

These two were both originally slated to be contestants on popular Korean competition show Produce 101 Season 2, and while only Longguo (known as Yongguk on the show) actually appeared, I'm glad neither of them made it into the final group. If they had, we wouldn't have "the.the.the", which is an awesome, groovy club jam that I've listened to at least once a day all week. You have to give it a listen.

Fly High - DREAMCATCHER (Male Key Remix)

This is a remix of DREAMCATCHER's newest single "Fly High." It's basically the same song, except the vocals have been lowered into a male register, basically editing it so it sounds like how a male group would sing it. DREAMCATCHER's already a rock-style K-Pop group, so the male-sounding vocals really fit the song perfectly. If you like the group's rock style, check out their videos "Good Night" and "Chase Me", which also feature horror storylines.

Samarkand Overture - Yuri!!! on Ice OST

I've always been a fan of classical music. I had a CD of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite when I was young that I'd listen to all the time. Not to mention tons of film soundtracks, Yo-Yo Ma, and who knows what else. You get the picture. Samarkand Overture from the Yuri!!! on Ice soundtrack is probably one of my favorite classical pieces, though. It's got a really strong, powerful energy without being overpowering. Granted, that soundtrack is filled with just amazing original pieces (check it out on Spotify), but Otabek's short program piece is my favorite.


Falling Kingdoms series - Morgan Rhodes

Yesterday, Morgan Rhodes shared via Instagram that she finished writing the first draft for the final book in her Falling Kingdoms series. Currently, five books have been published and oh boy are they good. If you're looking for an entertaining fantasy series that doesn't take a year and a half to read, I highly recommend Falling Kingdoms. It's got all the twists, turns and unexpected character deaths that people love Game of Thrones for, but doesn't make your brain feel like it's melting when you read it.

"Netflix is Trying to Corner the Anime Market in the West, Starting with Titles Like 'Canon Busters'"

This write-up from Forbes touches on a lot of cool things happening in the anime industry right now. Netflix recently announced the addition of more than ten new anime shows and movies, an amazing number that just makes me love Netflix even more. The entire list looks amazing, though I'm particularly intrigued by Canon Busters, Fate/Apocrypha (WOHOO! A new Fate/Stay series!), Knights of the Zodiac, and Children of the Whales. It's exciting to see Netflix picking up more anime, especially since I absolutely adored Knights of Sidonia, which the platform picked up in 2014. Not to mention that Sony buying up Funimation (which I'm surprised I heard very little about considering Funimation's HQ is here in the DFW area) could mean that subbed and dubbed anime could be even more accessible than ever before. Exciting times!