This Week's Favs: December 22

It's almost Christmas, everyone! It falls on a Monday this year, which is a little strange, but whatever!

I hope that you all have (or had) a truly amazing holiday. It's a time, if nothing else, to relax and enjoy the ending of 2017 and welcome 2018. I hope next year is better for the world as a whole. I can't say 2017 was inherently terrible for me personally, but for the world as a whole, it wasn't so great. Let's all use our New Years wishes to wish for a fantastic 2018 for the world.

I've got a small list this week, but it's got some great things on it. Enjoy!



Centered around a high school anime club, this show just basically makes tons of references to actual animes. It pokes fun at all the tropes and trends all while explaining how the anime industry as a whole works. From explaining what cosplay is and why people do it to making jokes about how the writers always feel awkward at season-end production parties, it's a show that anyone can enjoy, no matter how in or out of tune you are with the industry. It was definitely a dark horse coming into the season, but with 11 episodes now released, it's a new favorite for a lot of anime fans.


Miracles in December - EXO

The first holiday single that EXO ever released, Miracles in December is just an amazing ballad. This was still back when EXO-K and EXO-M were a thing, so there is actually two versions of the song featuring the two sets of vocalists. I personally like the EXO-K version better, since I'm a big fan of D.O.'s voice, but the EXO-M version is also very good. In what has become true EXO fashion, the accompanying music video is also a visual wonderland, showing the story of someone who's wishing for their loved one to return to them. They're wishing for a miracle in December, essentially.


This week started off with some truly devastating news. Jonghyun, an extremely talented Korean musician and member of group SHINee, committed suicide via carbon monoxide inhalation. Jonghyun was always very adamant about standing up for what he thought was right, becoming one of the few direct advocates for LGBTQ and minority equal rights in a society where these topics are still fairly taboo. He also often talked about his own struggles with depression, which was so important in Korea, where mental health is often swept under the rug. His death shocked the world, leaving many calling for more awareness and better treatment of mental illnesses like severe depression.

In celebration of Jonghyun's life and accomplishments, though, I wanted to showcase some truly amazing art of him this week. He inspired so many people, and these four pieces are just a hint at that.