This Week's Favs: January 12

This week's been a crazy mix of weather. From cold to warm and sunny to crazy windy, it's been something new every day, to say the least.

Aside from the weather, though, life has pretty much been the same. I had to stop myself from playing Persona 5 on weeknights because I end up staying up way later than I should and, well, we'll just say I need my sleep to be a functioning adult.

Still, even with nothing spectacularly noteworthy happening in my life, a few things managed to grab my attention and really hold on to it this week.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guitar Medley - FamilyJules

This is insane. Breath of the Wild, as I've mentioned numerous times before, has some amazing music. It's ambient and just elevates the entire game even more. However, hearing some of the game's most iconic tunes played on some shreddin' electric guitars had never even crossed my mind until I came across this video. But YouTuber FamilyJules adapts the songs so well that none of them seem overbearing or out of place. Not to mention the lower-key acoustic moments sprinkled in help give just enough of an auditory break to not overwhelm you. Truly a great medley!


Dallas Fuel v. Seoul Dynasty - Overwatch League

The Overwatch League's inaugural season kicked off on Wednesday and the first-day matches certainly didn't disappoint. While first two matches were complete shutouts, the Dallas Fuel v. Seoul Dynasty match completely made up for that. South Korea being the gaming powerhouse that it is, I think most people (myself included) expected the Dynasty to dominate right out of the gate. What we got, however, was an occasionally neck-and-neck battle that made the end of the night much more intense than expected. Even if you can't watch all two hours of the match, you should definitely check out at least part of it and see just how crazy everything got.

A Place Further Than the Universe

I wasn't too sure about this series when I first read the description a month or so ago. It sounded sort of interesting, but I wasn't sure how they could base a whole show on a trip to Antarctica and make it, well, captivating. Now, two episodes into the season, I understand. The characters are engaging and relatable, playing off of each other's strengths and weaknesses to create a realistic group of teenagers that are just looking to figure their way through life. The characters' friendships grow organically, each relationship having a sort of realistic growing period before communication becomes friendly and easy. While not much happens action wise, the store is an interesting look at character development and teenage emotions in general.


Lots of great art this week! Louishyeon on Tumblr created an amazing, heartwrenching piece about Yusuke from Persona 5 dealing with the newfound information about his idol and guardian. Jilli-bean on Tumblr drew Stardew Valley's resident emo boy, Sebastian. SarahRichford created an intriguing piece showing the two sides of the Spirit of the Forest from Princess Mononoke. Ph5 on Tumblr turned the Persona 5 boys into stylish models sporting jackets with their personas on the back. I'd totally rock the Goemon and Arsene ones!