This Week's Favs: January 19

This week's been chaotic at work, so I haven't had much time for anything aside from reading and sleeping.

When I do get some free time here and there, though, these are some of the things that helped me sit back, take a breather, and re-energize before diving back into life again.


The Polygon Show

Originally starting out as a podcast, The Polygon Show is now live-streamed on Twitter and now YouTube every Thursday. The weekly show features four Polygon employees—Simone, Ashley, Allegra, and Chelsea—talking about the latest gaming and pop culture news, discussing what they've been playing, and answer questions sent in via Twitter and emails. It's a fun show to listen to every week that's relatable no matter what kind of games you play.


ワタリドリ - [Alexandros]

I actually found this song via the Japan Top 50 list on Spotify. It's been on there for a while now, and is currently sitting at number 16. It's a cool, relaxing sort of pop-rock song that features frontman Kawakami Yoohei strumming away on an acoustic guitar. Oddly enough, the song was actually released in 2015. It must have been used in some movie or show or something to reinvigorate its popularity, but my (admittedly miniscule amount of) research didn't tell me anything to confirm that suspicion.

Canon - funtwo

This is a YouTube classic. The mysterious man shredding a cover of Pachelbel's Canon in D on a golden electric guitar was a crazy hit. It was something that I remember watching several times, just being absolutely amazed at the player's skill. I went back to watch it the other day after hearing another Canon cover and I'm still absolutely amazed by how simple he makes the entire song look.