This Week's Favs: October 27

I SKIPPED A WEEK AND IT FELT SO BAD. I don't even really have a reason.

I just didn't get the collection done on Friday, then I didn't get it done on Saturday, then I just gave up on getting it done and decided to push everything to next week. But I felt so bad about it. I don't want to miss a week for no particular reason ever again. Here's hoping.

Anyway, this week has been busy at work, but generally calm in every other aspect. Super Mario Odyssey got released today, which I am now just waiting to get home and play. I'm also working on a first impressions post for the fall 2017 season of anime, which has been surprising, to say the least. It's gonna be long—I'm watching a lot more shows than I realized—but hopefully informative for someone at least. If not, then oh well. At least I'll have written it.


Bonetrousle Remix - The Living Tombstone

If you haven't played (or watched someone play) Undertale, you need to do that. Right now. Go. I'll even recommend Jacksepticeye's playthrough. Not only is it a fantastic game that was made by just one guy, it's also got an impressive soundtrack that you won't forget anytime soon. The Living Tombstone's remix of Bonetrousle, the song that plays during fights with Papyrus, gives it a slightly spookier and much more techno-y feel. It's something you could easily play on loop, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

Joe Hisaishi Budokan Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert

Joe Hisaishi is the man behind some of the greatest cinematic soundtracks in history. Howl's Moving Castle? Joe. Princess Mononoke? Joe. Spirited Away? Joe. Basically, all of the top Studio Ghibli films had scores composed by this man. So, in 2008, Joe Hisaishi himself conducted a Studio Ghibli 25th Anniversary concert, which was truly amazing. This is the ENTIRE concert, accompanied with amazing cinematography. If you've got a couple hours and need something to play in the background, definitely give this a listen. You might even spot a certain famous director at the end.


Stardew Valley

If you love casual games (especially farming games), Stardew Valley is heaven. It originally came out for PC in early 2016, but it just got released on the Nintendo Switch on October 5. The Switch is, honestly, the perfect platform for Stardew Valley, since it's so mobile but still able to keep almost all the original functionality of the game. You can take your farm with you anywhere, and keep chatting away with the townspeople to your hearts content. A true casual gamer's dream.


Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is an anime staple that would probably capture just about anyone's heart if given the chance. While the concept is a little odd when you first hear it—a mysterious yellow octopus-like being teaching a class of low-tier students at an elite middle school while training them to assassinate him—but it's really a show about self-discovery and overcoming obstacles. I mean, just look how happy and joyful the series' first OP is. Koro Sensei, the yellow octopus-like teacher, is funny and smart and extremely relatable, making the group of "trouble students" love and respect him in the process. It's definitely worth a watch, whether you're new to anime or an experienced viewer. That being said, I'd definitely recommend the sub over the dub. The voices in the dub just can't compare to the original.


Netflix Plans to Spend $8 Billion to Make Its Library 50 Percent Original by 2018

The best part about this announcement is that part of this huge budget on original content is going toward new "Netflix Original" anime series. In fact, the article goes on to say that there will be 30 new anime series slated for release in 2018. That's an amazing number, especially for Netflix whose original anime content is limited. Sure, it's been growing over the years, but it's still not anywhere close to 30 series in a year. I'm not really sure if their focus on anime has to do with the explosive popularity of meme-in-TV-show-form Neo Yokio, or if it's because of the steadily increasing attention their other series like Castlevania and the new Voltron series has been getting. Hopefully the new series are more on par with the acquisitions Netflix has grabbed over the past few years, matching the caliber of shows like Knights of Sidonia, Magi, Sinbad, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Little Witch Academia.


As always, I saw a lot of beautiful Overwatch fanart pop up on my Twitter timeline this week. From a broken Blackwatch Genji to a rendition of "The Swordsman" from the new Halloween Overwatch comic (which really needs to be turned into a Genji skin ASAP), there was just so much to look at. I also added a few gems from the Noragami, Kingdom Hearts, and The Adventure Zone fandoms that I cam across on Tumblr.