This Week's Favs: September 15

Texas decided this week to go back to full heat mode and I'm not appreciating it. The past few days have been a sold 96+ degrees and it's just no fun. I never want to go outside again if it stays at this heat. I mean, it's mid-September for goodness sake. Let's chill, Texas.

This week's been pretty average otherwise, though. We've been binge-watching a lot of new animes in the evenings now that I finally decided to commit to getting a Crunchyroll subscription. You can find out what we're currently watching by following me on Twitter. Otherwise, enjoy this week's selection!


New Rules - Dua Lipa

How I only just now managed to hear a song that's racked up over 200 million views in just a couple months, I don't know. I've never heard New Rules on the radio. I only managed to hear it for the first time because it popped up on my boyfriend's Daily Mix on Spotify. He seemed just as shocked as I felt that I hadn't ever heard the song before that day. Then again, if it doesn't play on Top 40 radio on an almost unbearable repeat, there's a strong chance I won't ever hear it. Either way, I'm glad I managed to hear this song eventually because it's a serious jam. The music video is pretty dang cool too.

Sweet Devil - Hatsune Miku (Hachioji P VDM Remix)

The gem of a remix popped up in my own Spotify Discovery mix this week. I've heard Hatsunke Miku songs before, including the original version of Sweet Devil, but this remix really took the vocaloid pop artist to a whole new level. The remix takes a little more of an EDM approach to the song, as opposed to the original's more rock-ish club style that's become Hatsune Miku's signature style over the years. As the big EDM fan that I am, it's exactly the kind of song I'll listen to on repeat for days.


Try Not to Laugh Challenge #8 - Markiplier

If you're looking for an especially hard try not to laugh challenge video, this might be it. Even if the actual videos don't make you laugh, Markilplier doing everything in his power to hold back his own laughter is ridiculously funny. If you're looking for a challenge, or just want a really funny video to watch, this is a great start.

Good Game

You know, when I heard that the Game Grumps would be making a YouTube Red show, I was a little worried. While their let's plays are hilarious, it's by no means acting. Most of the time, they aren't even on camera. But with four episodes now out in the virtual world, I can confidently admit that I was proven wrong. Good Game is fast-paced and funny, which makes each episode feel longer than 25 minutes. Even better, though, is that the show manages to actually address some real-life issues in the process, which makes it all the more endearing.


You guys thought the fanart corner was only going to be something in last week's post, didn't you? So did I. But I just loved collecting a few of my favorites so much that I really wanted to make it a regular thing. So I'm going to keep going. Can't say it'll be six pieces every week, but I'm sure I'll have at least a couple.