This Week's Favs: September 22

Taking a Tuesday off of work does really weird things to the rest of the week.

I got my hair dyed this week, which means I had to take the whole day off since the process of doing any sort of coloring with my hair takes over four hours. This time, since the color was getting completely changed, it took five and a half hours. No joke. Anyway, since then, I've been thinking it's earlier in the week than it actually is, which just makes the fact that today's Friday even sweeter. So, in celebration of today being the last day of the work week, enjoy this week's selection of favorites.



If you're a fan of watching comedy, professional artists drawing, and nerdy topics, then Drawfee is, by all means, the perfect channel for you. Nathan and Caldwell, the channel's two main artists, are College Humor employees. Their videos often center around drawing new characters in the style of a specific show, movie or game series and feature guest artists who usually are also College Humor or Dorkly employees. Whether you're a fan of Game of Thrones, pop songs, or all-new JRPG races, there's a Drawfee video for you. They also do quicker, more random videos daily on their Facebook page.

Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World

An award-winning anime from last year, Re:ZERO is a crazy Groundhog Day-like adventure where reclusive teenager Natsuki Subaru is suddenly transported to another world filled with fantasy and magic. As he tries to figure out what exactly is going on, he discovers that if he gets killed, everything gets reset to a predetermined point in time, which he starts to call "save points". Using this strange ability, Subaru learns more about himself and what he wants from his new life with every death he endures. It get's a little weird and crazy at the end, so if you're looking for a mellow anime, this isn't the one for you. But if you're ready for an all-in action adventure with a touch of romance, you can watch Re:ZERO on Crunchyroll.


Stay With Me - Chanyeol & Punch

This song is from almost a year ago, but it's still a great listen. Stay With Me is one of the main songs from the Goblin: The Lonely and Great God soundtrack, and is probably one of my favorite Korean OST songs of all times. It was the second most popular song from the series, only being beaten by the hugely successful I Will Go To You Like the First Snow sung stunningly by Ailee. If you watch the music video for EXO's Power which I mentioned on September 8's list, you might recognize Chanyeol. He's one of the group's main rappers, but also has a pretty awesome history of guesting on other artists' tracks as well. He's been included on tracks like Far East Movement x Marshmello's Freal Luv and Junggigo's Let Me Love You.

Swalla - Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of Nicki Minaj. Her music isn't something I usually enjoy. However, a handful of the songs she's been a featured artist in are actually bops, so I can't say I dislike everything she's ever done. Swalla is a great example. Jason Derulo's charting singles usually get stuck in my head immediately, and this one was no different. Every time I hear it, I have to dance along. 


Only three pieces of art this week, but they're some of my recent favorites. Once I finished No. 6, I had to check out the Tumblr community and it was filled with amazing fan art. The Nezumi fan art by miyukiko was really my favorite, though. The colors fit everything really well, but it's not too dark to where the details can't shine. I also skimmed through the The Adventure Zone fandom on Tumblr as well, and it's also filled with lots of amazing art. The piece from josyhne is one of my favorites that includes all three heroes—Magnus, Merle and Taako. The last piece is of my forever favorite My Hero Academia character, Katsuki Bakugou. It's one of the few fan arts I've personally seen of him in his ending credits garb, and it's by far one of my favorite Bakugou art pieces I've seen overall. Props to vangwen.