Top 5: Anime OPs and EDs that Rocked the Summer

The opening and ending sequences for an anime series (or OPs and EDs) are always parts that have to be watched at least once, if not every single time they're shown.

They're spectacles, just like the opening sequence for Game of Thrones. Some are alright but can get obnoxious or boring after the first couple times you see them. The real gems, though, are the ones that you can watch every time and never get bored of. While none of this season's OPs or EDs managed to beat my all-time favorite that is Fairy Tail's ninth opening, there were a few that definitely stuck out.

5. Knight's & Magic - Opening

Knight's & Magic's OP is more what I'd consider a "traditional" OP. It shows hints at what's to come in the season, as well as showcases at least a quick bit on all the main characters. What makes it really interesting, though, is the usage of the magic runes and the blueprint-like schematics throughout the whole thing. It really ties everything together, but also reminds the viewer exactly what the series is about—mechas and magic.

4. Restaurant to Another World - Opening

While I only ended up watching about 2 or 3 episodes of Restaurant to Another World, I found the intro really fascinating. It really emphasized the fantasy aspect of the whole show without going overboard, which I enjoyed. The OP was a perfect mesh of Food Wars-style meal shots and quick glimpses at all the restaurant's other-worldly patrons. If I were looking for a fantasy version of the hit cooking anime, this OP would tell me that I found exactly what I was searching for.

3. GAMERS! - Opening

Despite the actual series' less-than-stellar first season, the OP never failed to cheer me up for the minute and a half that it played. The song is one of those infectious ones that will get stuck in your head for days, even if you only watch the actual OP once. GAMERS! is supposed to be centered all around games and gaming culture, which makes the OP a delight for any video game nerd. Referencing games like Super Smash Bros., Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, and good 'ol Mario, there's a reference that anyone who's even touched a controller (or a mouse) should be able to recognize. It even goes back to old-school arcade space shooters and fighter games. And, of course, it wouldn't be complete with the more abstract JRPG (or, more specifically, Final Fantasy) reference at the end. 

2. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu - Opening

I wasn't kidding when I mentioned in my summer anime recap how beautiful this series is. The OP really does a great job of showing all six members of the Second Unit, giving them both action sequences and close-up moments to really appreciate them in all their animated glory. You also get a glimpse at Saniwa and Mikazuki Munechika, which is awesome. While Mikazuki doesn't have as important of a role as maybe the intro suggests, the inclusion of Saniwa (and a super-quick look at the adorable Konnosuke) was exciting. Sōma Saitō's Hikari Dantsu Ame just adds a whole other level of epicness, too.

1. My Hero Academia Season 2 - Ending 2

This was just a great sequence that everyone seemed to love. It dabbled in AU territory, showing our favorite UA students in a high fantasy setting. From Midorya being the small-town adventurer to Todoroki looking like some sort of royal to Bakugou being a savage af looking dragon rider, the roles all fit perfectly with the characters' personalities, making it an absolute joy to watch. Not to mention Datte Atashi no Hero by LiSA is a great song to just make the whole package even better.